Someone’s pirating my content…

Well, I guess I must be getting pretty popular.  A dedicated reader Justin (Thanks Justin!) pointed out that my articles are being pirated on another site.  Take a look for yourself…–-nexus-5k–2k.aspx

And it just begins there, most of the articles on the left side of the page are mine.  I’m not sure if its that people feel its ok to do this, or if they just don’t care.  The fact that the owner didn’t mention myself or my site (except on the links page which seems odd) indicates to me that they were trying to claim the content as their own.  Two words about that, ‘not cool’.

I tried not to be mad and sent him a email about it.  Hopefully they take it down.  I’m sure some people just don’t know about copyright but it still disappoints me to see it happen.

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