No Comments on The TSHOOT Exam

So I bought the TSHOOT book right after I passed the BSCI.  My intention was to tackle the TSHOOT the way I have studied for every other exam.  I buy the book, start reading it casually, reread it and take notes, then pick through for the important details.  However, TSHOOT appears to be a different beast.  I can’t put the book down!  There are so many troubleshooting tips that are discussed that I had just simply forgotten about.  I’ve been doing Cisco for a lot of years now and I feel like I learned a lot of these tips before, but without the experience to apply them they sort of got lost.  Now when I reread the information it actually clicks.

At any rate, I’ll probably be posting a lot of what I learn (or relearn I suppose) so I hope others are able to garnish some helpful tips out if it as well. 

I think its going to be a challenging test but I’m looking forward to it!

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