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So I’ve probably said this before (I’m actually hesitant to look because I’m sure I have) but I’m going to buckle down and start tackling the CCIE Route Switch.

So here’s my problem.  I have network attention deficit disorder.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY like playing with the new stuff coming out.  I mean, we are truly living in some exciting times in regards to network infrastructure.  To top that off, part of my job currently is to evaluate these technologies and see how they work.  I work on them at work, I go home, I work on them at home, <begin endless loop>, etc.  So my new plan is that my ‘home’ time is only going to be CCIE time.  The new stuff has to stay at work.  We’ll see how it goes, but I think it’s a fair plan.

So here’s my current goal…

Sign up for CCIE written by January 14th.
Take CCIE written by February 15th.

It’s an aggressive timeline but I think I can pull it off…

2 thoughts on “CCIE

  1. that1guy15

    Just came across your blog today and love it!! Your doing some good work.

    Im commenting here because I actually take my 350-001 tomorrow. Your posts are giving me some good last minute refresh.

    Hope your still on schedule and good luck!!


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