CME Ringtone configuration

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When we did our initial CME configuration we copied over the ‘ringtones.tar’ file and extracted it to the folder ‘CME_Ringtones’.  Now it’s time to configure the CME instance to use them.

There are two configuration files used by CME to tell the phones what ringtones are available and what they are.  These are…

RingList.xml – defines the available default ringers for a phone.
DistinctiveRingList.xml – defines the extension or line ringtones available to the phone.

The layout of each file looks like this…


This is a copy of the RingList.xml that comes in the ringtones.tar file.  It’s fairly straight forward so I won’t explain the syntax.

To get the phones to see the XML files as well as the ringtones associated with each ‘ring’ we need to host both the XML file as well as the .raw files on the CME’s TFTP server instance.  All said and done, the config lines I inserted to make this work looked like this…

tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/RingList.xml alias RINGLIST.XML
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/DistinctiveRingList.xml alias DISTINCTIVERINGLIST.XML
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Analog1.raw alias Analog1.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Analog2.raw alias Analog2.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/AreYouThere.raw alias AreYouThere.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/AreYouThereF.raw alias AreYouThereF.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Bass.raw alias Bass.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/CallBack.raw alias CallBack.taw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Chime.raw alias Chime.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Classic1.raw alias Classic1.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Classic2.raw alias Classic2.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/ClockShop.raw alias ClockShop.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Drums1.raw alias Drums1.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Drums2.raw alias Drums2.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/FilmScore.raw alias FilmScore.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/HarpSynth.raw alias HarpSynth.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Jamaica.raw alias Jamaica.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/KotoEffect.raw alias KotoEffect.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/MusicBox.raw alias MusicBox.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Piano1.raw alias Piano1.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Piano2.raw alias Piano2.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Pop.raw alias Pop.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Pulse1.raw alias Pulse1.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Ring1.raw alias Ring1.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Ring2.raw alias Ring2.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Ring3.raw alias Ring3.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Ring4.raw alias Ring4.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Ring5.raw alias Ring5.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Ring6.raw alias Ring6.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Ring7.raw alias Ring7.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Sax1.raw alias Sax1.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Sax2.raw alias Sax2.raw
tftp-server flash:/CME_RingTones/Vibe.raw alias Vibe.raw

Note that I have to use the ‘alias’ command on each file instance since the files are not in the root directory of the flash.

After I loaded these lines into configuration the phones detected the new ringtones after a reboot.

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