How to capture 802.1Q tags on a Broadcom NIC

Wow, this has truly been an adventure.  I’ve been trying for the better part of a month to get WireShark to capture 802.1q tags.  I’ve been through it all.  Different NICs, different drivers, and endless googling.  Today, I have finally made a breakthrough.  After trying 2 different Realtek NICs and a Intel 1000MT I tried a Broadcom NetXtreme card and with a few changes, I was able to get it to work…


Here’s what I did to finally make it work.

Added a string value under…


The new value was called…


and I set it to a value of 1. 

I also removed most of the network services from the NIC…


After that, I did a reboot and I started seeing the tags. 

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