How to configure a unified port (Cisco)

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Quick post on how to configure Unified ports.  I heard about Cisco’s unified ports and immediately thought they sounded amazing.  However, I also assumed that I could just plug a FC SFP into a port and it would magically become a FC port.  Not the case.  You need to tell the switch what kind of SFP is going to be in each slot.  Configuration on how to do this below…

Nexus5596# config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
slot ?
<1-199>  Enter a slot number
slot 1  (Note – Different slots for different modules.  The built in on the 5596 is considered slot 1)
Nexus5596(config-slot)# port 1 type ? 
ethernet  Ethernet Port 
fc        FC Port
port 1 type fc
Nexus5596(config-slot)# end
Nexus5596# copy run start
Nexus5596# reload

Couple of things to keep in mind.  After configuring a port type to FC the switch has to be reloaded.  Also, port types need to be contiguous.  That is, you need to start with Ethernet in port 1, and FC in port 48.  Then as you add more Ethernet you move up (2,3,4,etc…) and FC you move down (47,46,45,etc…) in port numbers. If you mix and match port types in a non-contiguous fashion it won’t work. 

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