OSPF – The Outline

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I’m going to try a little harder this go around to make the posts a little more ‘focused’ than I did with EIGRP.  That being said, here’s a quick outline of what I’d like to cover with OSPF…

OSPF – The basics…
-Discuss the basic functions of OSPF
-Discuss how neighbor relationships form
-Discuss how updates are shared

OSPF – Finding the best path…
-Discuss router ‘roles’
-Discuss the metric and method OSPF uses to find the shortest path
-Discuss the different LSA types
-Discuss OSPF area types

OSPF – Analyzing the OSPF RIB
-A few examples of how to find the data you are looking for in the RIB

OSPF – Some examples…
-Multiple area example
-Watching LSAs

OSPF – After it’s running…
-Discuss route filtering
-Discuss Virtual Links
-Discuss OSPF authentication

-Discuss some of the differences of each protocol and what I consider to be the pros and cons of each.

There you have it, let’s see if this helps me stay on course.  Stay tuned!

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