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Last night I was looking through Cisco documentation looking for the 8.2 command line configuration guide for the ASA.  Mush to my surprise, directly above the 8.2 configuration guide was one for 8.3 that said ‘New!’ next to it.  So I opened up the document and I found one item that surprised me very much. 

The NAT configuration was completely redesigned to allow greater flexibility and ease of use. You can now configure NAT using auto NAT, where you configure NAT as part of the attributes of a network object, and manual NAT, where you can configure more advanced NAT options.
The following commands were introduced or modified: nat (in global and object network configuration mode), show nat, show nat pool, show xlate, show running-config nat.
The following commands were removed: global, static, nat-control, alias.

It also looks like you’ll need a memory upgrade on all platforms to run it. 

Read about all the new changes/enhancements here

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  1. DC

    Back in January I was about to upgrade to the new 8.2(2) that came out. And the release notes indicated that for my ASA5510 I needed to upgrade it from the default 256MB to 512MB DRAM.

    So I go through all the trouble of getting a quote from my vendor, getting a purchase order approved, ordering the part, having it shipped, and then work on scheduling a downtime maintenance window. Well here I am 2 months later about to install it this weekend and I see a security vulnerability notice from Cisco that applies to the 8.2(2) version.

    I look and see this new 8.3 release has just come out recently as well, so I plan to upgrade directly to that instead. But alas, I find that they yet again bumped up the memory requirement for the ASA5510 to 1GB.

    Damn! I just got this 512MB chip, haven’t had a chance to install it, and it’s already insufficient. Thanks a lot Cisco 😐


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