F5 LTM VE – Configuring iRules (CLI!)

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So I’ve been kind of rushing through these but I think Im getting my point across.  CLI (in my opinion) is the fastest and easiest way to configure a lot of these items if you are comfortable with it.  Lets look at configuring iRules.

create ltm pool HTTP_MOBILE_POOL load-balancing-mode round-robin members add {}

Create the iRule  DETECT_DEVICE_TYPE
Enter this command from tmsh to enter the editor…
edit ltm rule DETECT_DEVICE_TYPE
Then you should see something like this…
Build your iRule within the curly brackets of the ‘modify’ statement.  When you are done it should look like…


It’s VI so do your write quit to save.  When you get back to tmsh it will prompt you again to make sure you want to save it.  When you try to do so it will also hit you with any syntax errors you have and make you fix them before saving.

Modify the Virtual Server to specify the iRule
modify ltm virtual HTTP_TEST rules {DETECT_DEVICE_TYPE}

Add HTTP monitors to both pools (Just for fun)
modify ltm pool HTTP_POOL monitor http
modify ltm pool HTTP_MOBILE_POOL monitor http

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