F5 LTM VE–Node Monitors (CLI!)

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In this post, we’ll be using the CLI to add monitors to the nodes in the pool.  This will be a much shorted post than the first time we did this with the GUI.  First off, lets check the status of the nodes in the CLI with the ‘tmsh list ltm node status’ command.

As you can see from the output, the nodes are showing a status of unchecked since there isnt a default monitor defined and they dont have an individual monitor defined.  Defining the default monitor is easy with this one command…

tmsh modify ltm default-node-monitor rule icmp

After this has been applied take a look at the status of the nodes again.  As you can see, the status is showing as ‘UP’ once the default monitor has been defined. 


That’s it, next post we’ll look at configuring persistence and iRules. 

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