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Peer Sync configuration:  I have yet to use peer sync but it sounds appealing.  I’ve seen what can happen when you don’t use it.
Always the Network : Colby Glass

VPC Keep Alive Best Practices:  Sniped from the above article.  A good read with some interesting points about the keep alive.
Fragmentation Needed : Chris Marget

New M3 UCS gear:  I had heard about the new release but hadn’t had time to dig into it yet.  This is a great overview.  Im getting pretty excited about the UCS gear.  That new CCIE data center might be the ‘kick’ I need to start playing with it.
Jason Nash’s Blog

CCIE Data Center
New expert level Cisco cert, I’ll go ahead and make that a goal for my third CCIE 😉
Always the Network : Colby Glass

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