Shame on me, again

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So, I found some free time this weekend and I swore to myself that I’d write on the blog again.  So here I am, posting and feeling horribly bad about not posting since November.  Last night while I was laying in bed, it occurred to me that I have a technology problem.  Perhaps, a better word would be addiction.  I cant seem to focus on one piece of technology.  Since starting my new job, I’ve been exposed to lots of new technology and I want to dive into it all.  Hence, the problem focusing on particular piece.  Its all so interesting to me! 

The process sort of goes like this.  I find some free time, so I decide I’m going to sit down and study for my next Cisco test.  Before studying, I pop open my laptop and check my RSS feeds.  Someone will have posted a blog entry about something really interesting like SIP trunks, VMWare, or load balancing/GTM.  I read the post, get excited about the technology, and four hours later I’m neck deep in whitepapers about it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love it all, but once in awhile I need to find a way to focus on a single piece of the puzzle.

Anyone else have this issue? 

I look forward to getting back on the blogging ‘horse’ so to speak.  A big thanks to all my patient readers out there!

3 thoughts on “Shame on me, again

  1. @dboftlp

    Nope, never happens. I didn’t get to this blog that way. I’ve never wandered into any great new-to-me blogs with tons of ideas and great content while I should be reading the new book that I got in, despite being neck deep in another, but it popped up in a twitter conversation I was reading while I was reading the 1st book… Don’t really know anything about any of that!
    Looking forward to watching your feed in my RSS stream and reading back on old posts, thanks.


  2. Mary

    No, that has never happened to me, but I am glad to see that you’re back on the blogging “horse,” so to speak.


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