So I’m not a web programmer… but…

Has anyone else ran into the "Don’t use IE for that" problem?  I’ve been running into it very frequently as of late and it’s been really frustrating to work around.  I’ve been working on two different vendor’s products lately and run into web GUI problems whose fix entailed ‘Use FireFox or Chrome’. 

Two problems with that.  One, our corporate policy dictates the use of IE.  Chrome and FireFox aren’t allowed.  Two, the majority of home users aren’t tech savvy enough to know to use a ‘better’ browser so they just use what’s there. 

When I ask about why it doesn’t work in IE I usually get one of these responses….

"IE implemented some new security features that don’t work with our GUI"

My reply – Security features?  Like one’s that we should be complying with?

"IE doesn’t support some of the advanced features we use"

My reply – Really?  IE doesn’t and FireFox does?

Let me be clear, I’m a huge Chrome fan, but why aren’t people catering to what the masses use.  Is this really a problem with IE, or do the vendor’s just not want to deal with how IE does things?

Anyone else have these issues?  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “So I’m not a web programmer… but…

  1. Josh

    Microsoft loves to introduce new security “features” which alter the behavior of IE, and then either let software vendors hotfix their software or they release a hotfix for IE to change their new feature. Seems to happen fairly often, and its annoying as hell. IE9 screwed up the ICA client.

    1. Jon Langemak

      Maybe that’s it. I never really had a problem with IE until I started using Chrome. Now I dont think I’d go back. However, some stuff doesnt work in Chrome that works in IE…


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