Best practice – Logging Synchronous

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I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people complain about syslog or informational messages interrupting their configuration on Cisco gear.  Don’t get frustrated! There are a couple of easy fixes for this.  Let’s look at a quick example. 

Here we are trying to shut/no shut an interface and then configure it’s description directly afterwards…


So you can see here, that the syslog output telling me about the interface state changing interrupted my configuration of the interface description.  I was trying to type ‘description test interface’.  You can see that the ‘face’ part of it ended up behind the syslog message. 

I then go into line configuration mode for the console interface (could be any line, vty, ssh, etc) and configure the ‘logging synchronous’ command.  I then attempt to no shut the interface and reconfigure the description.  You can see in the bottom two red boxes, that each time syslog kicks out a message, it kicks my current configuration down to the line below the syslog. 

The other handy thing to remember is the ‘CTRL-R’ command.  If something interrupts your configuration and you can’t read the line you were typing, press’ CTRL-R’ to regenerate the line as it was…


Here, I pressed ‘CTRl-R’ after the config syslog message interrupted my ‘show ip int brief’ command.

Just a couple of quick tips to keep in mind to save you some frustration. 

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